About Capital Japan

Capital Japan,Inc., a privately funded foreign investment group founded in Charleston, South Carolina over 35 years ago with the purpose of assisting foreign groups and individuals in investing their funds in the real estate and hospitality industry. Koichiro Hirao, the founder and CEO of Capital Japan and the President and head of operations, Koichi Maeda started this journey in the mid 1970’s.

Little did they know, their passion for restaurant business and knowledge of the investment world would in turn in to one of the most successful, privately funded Japanese Restaurant investment groups in the Southeast United States. Covering South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida. With much devotion into understanding the investment and banking practices of the United States, they began to incorporate foreign business strategies and merge the two together to forming a very stable investment platform.

Investing their own capital many times over, the two partners built a strong portfolio of successful business endeavors which are now managed by Capital Japan, Inc. With its eloquently designed Miyabi Japanese Sushi Bar and “Smokeless” hibachi style restaurants, Capital Japan, Inc. facilitates the usage of its business management group to run day to day operations. The total investment for each restaurant includes the purchase of the land or property, the building and interest of the business operations.

Capital Japan also offers business consulting where we can help your company make strides in the ever changing business world to our business management where we can step in and assist in getting your new business off the ground and running or step in and lend a hand to your already existing business. There is not a better investment than to invest in experience that is based on hard work, honor and integrity that is Capital Japan, Inc.

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