Restaurant Development

Restaurant development is where our real strength lies and there is no better way to prove that than with in the soul of our operations. The Miyabi Japanese Steakhouses and Sushi Bars are where we showcase our many talents.

There is an old saying in the restaurant business that the three most important things in starting a restaurant are location, location and location. We take to that to heart in the research and development of each Miyabi, but it doesn’t stop there. Once you have found that perfect location the the real work beings.

With our endless attention to detail, that we not only put in to the look and feel of your eloquently design building and decor, but even more so in to our quality and presentation of our food. With the foundation laid we really kick it to gear when it comes to the customer experience. From the time customers walk in the door until they walk out, our only goal is complete satisfaction nothing less will do.

All of this has also lead us to newest endeavor, Miyabi Jr. Express where you can get the same great food and service at a little faster pace. We developed Miyabi Jrs. to be the perfect lunch and dinner place for people on the go and help keep us relevant in the worlds ever changing economy.

From start to finish, our goal is clear: to build each and ever one of our operations on the same values our founder start with some 30 years ago; Hard Work, Honor And Integrity.

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